Birkenstock Comfort Footwear

Since 1990 Birkenstock sandals and shoes have been sold at Phillips Emporium where you’ll find a broad range of sizes and styles for women and men. Personal service includes sizing both feet and offering various styles that work for you. At Phillips Emporium you’ll also find Birkenstock shoe inserts and shoe care products. Sandal and shoe repair options include mail pouches and referrals to shoe repair services. Shopping in person is preferred but we are happy to work with you if you need to shop by phone, mail, or email.


Solmate Socks

Solmate socks, scarves, hats, & fingerless mittens in colorful patterns will add a touch of whimsy to the wardrobe of those who find “life is too short for matching socks.” Made of recycled cotton threads mixed with nylon and lycra, these warm and colorful socks and accessories are a great choice for you and for planet Earth! They are made in Hickory, North Carolina, in a factory now owned by Solmate employees! Solmate is “B CorpTM Certified” . . . look it up . . . very impressive.

Phillips Emporium is proud that Solmate is a cornerstone in its varied selection of high-quality items at reasonable prices. Sizes for babies, kids, and adults small to extra large are in stock.

Kit Cat Clocks

Still made in the USA, the Kit Cat Clock brings smiles to all ages and fond memories of your grandmother’s kitchen when she served up warm cookies! Today the clocks are battery operated. If not hanging your Kit Cat on a wall consider placing it on a clear plastic stand sitting on your counter or work desk. These cats and kitties have a friendly soul and a gentle tick-tock.

Bodacious Cards

Phillips Emporium carries beautiful stationery and bodacious greeting cards. The stationery selection is from Cranes all-cotton unadorned paper and heavy card stock in ecru and white and from Mr. Boddington in simple styles and themes including a sweet box of postcards encouraging correspondence between grandchild and grandparent. Boxed notes and single greeting cards are little pieces of art by entrepreneurial publishers and artists. If you are requesting a gift by telephone or email we are happy to help you choose a card to accompany your gift.

Retro51 Pens & Pencils

RETRO51 pens, pencils, and desk sets are stylish and a joy to use especially because the German-manufactured roller ball glides easily across the page. In addition to the variety of solid colors, Retro51 creates themes commemorating aeronautics, sports, animals, museums and sites to name a few. Many of the Retro51 pens are numbered limited editions and become valued collector items.  Each pen and pencil has its own colorful tube protecting your fine writing instrument, for afterall, "Life is too short to use an ugly pen."

(Refills for rollerball, ballpoint, and pencil leads and erasers are kept in stock.)

Leuchtturn1917 Journals & Planners

Welcome to Leuchtturm1917, a colorful, acid-free choice for all of your journaling & planning needs. This is a German-designed product with many details. Leuchtturm means Lighthouse.

With a plethora of choices for color, ruling, and size, your Leuchtturm notebook is limited only by the reach of your creativity! Perfect for when inspiration strikes in the field or at home, the Leuchtturm notebook makes organization a breeze! Complete with numbered pages, a table of contents, and two place holder ribbons built in to its durable, thread-bound spine, it’s easy to pick up where you left off. A Leuchtturm journal in your hands gives you the spirit to continue your mission!

Our Leuchtturm1917 journal selection of sizes include mini, pocket, paperback, medium, composition, and master with plain, dotted, squared, or lined numbered pages. You’ll also find yearly planners; the handsome book for stamps; some lines a day that lasts 5 years; pages with staves for the composer; heavier paper for the artist; a flip book bound at the top for reporting which makes it easier to hold and write; and Leuchtturm1917 special editions. The Change Journal offers an ingenious and magnificent approach to addressing all one’s areas of strengths and weaknesses in a planner format.



Puzzles fit the bill when you need distraction from everyday “mishmash.” They range from small-count in decorative tins to 275-piece easy-handling to 1000 pieces that take a long time for one person to finish. Some puzzles are designed with smaller pieces on one edge to larger pieces on the opposite edge to encourage those with varied skills to work together. (Isn’t that ingenious!). Puzzles are selected from high-quality manufacturers and a broad range of themes.



Artiphany was created by John Littleboy in Palo Alto, CA. His drawings of favorite pets and animals first appeared on playing cards in 2005, then greeting cards, and now mugs, tea towels, and canvas bags. From time to time I check in with John who creates from his home in Tunisia and has a wonderful staff in Palo Alto. Pictures below are the best way to give you a taste of the humorous images.

Old World Christmas

Old World Christmas ornaments are delicately painted blown glass. Phillips Emporium has a tree year-round filled with a broad selection: angels, animals, snowmen, birds, even ornaments for NASA and Jupiter, and the #1 Babysitter! Ornaments you select from the tree have decorative hangers and are packaged in Old World Christmas gift boxes.